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The Commercial Pilot's License (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot's License (CPL) - The Commercial Pilot's Program is designed for the individual who wishes to become a professional helicopter pilot. It is based on the FAA requirement of 150 hours of flight time.

FAA Requirements
Federal regulations require a minimum of 150 hours of flight time as a pilot of which 100 hours must be as Pilot-in-Command (PIC). A written test, as well as an oral and practical test with an FAA examiner must be taken to obtain the Commercial Pilot's License.

Medical Requirements
A Class II medical that is valid for 12 calendar months.

Stage I
The instructor will provide advanced training in flight maneuvers as well as off-site landings, maximum performance maneuvers, and advanced emergency procedures beyond FAA standards. Our goal is to have the student gain confidence and proficiency for a myriad of emergency situations before they happen.

Stage II
The student will conduct flights in and around the New York and Philadelphia Class B airspace. This satisfies the necessity to build flight hours and deal with complex and congested airspace.
In addition to this quality flight training, the instructor will prepare the student for the real world environment. Ground training will include all of the necessary training to pass the FAA commercial practical test and survive in the aviation market. The student will understand the difference between FAR Part 91 (corporate) operations and FAR Part 135 (charter) pilot responsibilities and limitations.
Furthermore, the student will have the option to maximize his or her training finances by including instrument training, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and/or CFI instrument training within their commercial requirements. These options are primarily dependent on the student's motivation and willingness to study and prepare accordingly.

Stage III
At this stage the instructor will prepare the student for the FAA checkride and ensure that all the maneuvers can be carried out to the tolerances set out by the Practical Test Standards (PTS) for the Commercial level.

Commercial Pilot's License (CPL) Costs

*assuming PPL is passed at 55hrs

Dual Flight Instruction

95 x $360

Dual Instrument Instruction      
Ground Instruction
15 x $45
$ 675.00
Class II Medical
Written Test Fee
Checkride Examiners Fee
Checkride Aircraft Rental

CPL "Add On" (For Pilots with an Airplane CPL)


Dual Flight Instruction      
Ground Instruction      
Checkride Examiners Fee      
Checkride Aircraft Rental    





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