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MPO is a non-towered airport and this has several advantages to the student. You will not waste money by being instructed to "hold" by Air Traffic Control for other traffic, whether on the ground or in the air, as is likely at busier controlled airports. And the student will learn to take responsibility for their own clearances and position reporting while within the vicinity of the airport.

Within easy reach of Mount Pocono, the student will have the opportunity to fly within controlled airspace. Class C at Allentown, Class D at Scranton International along with the Terminal Radar Service Area (TRSA). On longer cross-country flights, the student will experience flying in the busiest Class B airspace of New York and Philadelphia. With exposure to these types of airspace, the student will become comfortable and competent in conversing with and using all the services available from Air Traffic Control.

With a field elevation at MPO of 1,916ft, the aircraft immediately has a power restriction and slightly different handling characteristics. During the hot summer days this altitude can give a Density Altitude of more than 4,000ft. These conditions in no way hinder the time that the student will take to make their first solo flight or pass their Private Pilot's License, but they will call upon the pilot to be fully aware of the flying conditions, particularly concerning power management, improving the pilot's training experience. Flying at altitude is a challenge to any pilot, whether it is fixed wing or rotary.

Learning to fly with Hi-Tech Helicopters in the Pocono Mountains will give students the edge over any pilot learning at sea level. Being located in a heavily wooded area the student has to think ahead when planning cross-country routes and navigation checkpoints. The wooded landscape also offers challenging "confined areas" that we practice landing into as part of the training required for the Private and Commercial Pilot's Licenses. We also have a nearby FAA approved Heliport which provides important practice for "real life" flying.



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