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The Private Pilot's License (PPL)

The Private Pilot's License (PPL) is the initial step to becoming a qualified pilot. This is where you start to develop your skills as a pilot, not only understanding and gaining a feel for the aircraft, but in developing the important skills of situational awareness and judgment.

The PPL is the foundation on which you will build all your flying knowledge and skills. It is therefore, important that this is as solid and as comprehensive as possible. That's why at Hi-Tech we will furnish you with a broad and deep knowledge base that will be with you for the rest of your flying career.

FAA Requirements

Federal regulations require a minimum age of 17 years old and 40 hours of flight training. A written test along with an oral and practical test with an FAA examiner is required to obtain the Private Pilot's License. Realistically, we suggest a student budget on 55 hours and a breakdown of this total cost is attached.

Medical Requirements

Before any flight training takes place we recommend the student obtain a minimum of a Class III medical and a Student Pilot Certificate from an approved FAA medical examiner. A Class III medical lasts for 36 calendar months for those under 40 years old and for 24 calendar months for those over 40 years old. This certificate will only cover the privileges of a Private Pilot. Those students wishing to go on to a Commercial level should take a Class II medical that is valid for 12 calendar months regardless of age.
The PPL syllabus can be broken down into three stages as follows:

Stage I

The instructor and student begin training with basic ground and flight maneuvers. The student will be taught how to pre-flight the aircraft by checking all the important components to ensure a safe flight.

The student will begin with air work, which includes climbs, descents, turns, traffic pattern work and emergency procedures. The one-to-one ground and flight training between the student and flight instructor will eventually result with the student being signed off to solo the aircraft. During this level the student will obtain knowledge of the aircraft, flight principles and proficiency within a traffic pattern environment. Upon completion of the supervised solo, the student will begin Stage II.

Stage II

During this stage the student will continue developing skills to complete basic flight maneuvers that must be demonstrated during the FAA check ride. Between solo flights, the student will be introduced to cross country flight planning and navigation. This is a very enjoyable part of the training as the student now gets to see the advantages of a helicopter in the cross-country environment along with the pleasure that the student is exercising all of the skills they have learned. During this stage, the instructor will teach the student night flying skills, wire strike avoidance, mountain flying and confined area operations.

Stage III

At this stage in the training, the instructor will hone the skills of the student and fine-tune their maneuvers. This is so they can perform them within the tolerances set out by the FAA in the Practical Test Standards (PTS). The instructor will emphasize the importance of aeronautical decision-making and pilot judgment throughout this stage. When the instructor is happy that the student's theoretical knowledge and flying skills are up to standard, the student will be ready for the check ride. skills are up to standard, the student will be ready for the check ride.

Private Pilot's License (PPL) Costs
(Assuming PPL is passed at 40 hours)
The following depicts the time taken by an 'average' student to gain their PPL.

Flight Instruction & Aircraft Rental

40 x $360

$14, 400.00

Ground Instruction

15 x $45

$ 675.00


Books, etc.  
Class III Medical $150.00  
Written Test Fee $100.00  
Check ride Examiners Fee $500.00  
Check ride Aircraft Rental $540.00  
TOTAL $16, 365.00

Current FAA regulations stipulate a minimum of 40hrs. This would consist of 30hrs dual instruction and 10hrs solo.






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